After spring, it is time for you to focus on handling your landscape, with everything protected, planted, and prepped. Of course, this includes maintaining the health of your Landscaping Sudbury and garden and keeping your eyes out for annoying weeds. To make sure your plants look great and grow healthy all season long, you will want to keep on top of weed removal. You will still have to do this even if you already have proper weed management in the planting stages of landscaping 


Trimming and mowing are excellent ways of getting rid of wid. To cut off the head and stop the weeds from seeding, you can mow below the area where weeds flower. But, you will want to trim weeds if they are old and have seeded already, or if they have lower heads. This has an additional advantage of making yearly weed removal far less noticeable among your garden plantings.  


Heating might be an ideal weed removal technique for you if you are having a hard time with stubborn weeds in open places. In order to kill them in huge numbers for they’ve got the chance to spread, you can apply heat to young weeds using infrared or flaming units.  

This process goes pretty fast. That’s the best part of this process. To effectively get rid of weeds, all you’ve got to do is to apply heat for 2 up to 5 seconds.  


Cultivation is a less labor-intensive method of getting rid of weeds and stopping them from spreading throughout your landscape. One tried-and-true way of weed removal is using a hoe regularly to get rid of weeds from your plantings. In addition to that, you can expect far fewer yearly weeds to sprout in your garden and lawn if you cultivate before the weeds have set seed.  

Pulling Weeds 

Since the early days of horticulture, hand pulling is one technique of weed management that has been tested and tied. This is probably the simplest method with all the innovation that has gone into the industry of landscaping. You will need to spend some time bent down in your landscape pulling weeds from the ground, even after careful maintenance and preparation. This method is time-consuming. That is why a lot of people dread this method. However, to minimize weeds spreading throughout your garden, this is a sure way.  

Allow Sleeping Weeds to Lie 

In your garden, there are weed seeds in every square inch. However, the only ones that get enough light to promote germination are the ones that are located in the top 1 or 2 inches of soil.  

To slice through the roots of dandelions and other lawn weeds, you should use a sharp knife with a narrow blade to minimize soil disturbance in lawns. This method will cut their source of food instead of simply digging the weed out. You have to remember that weed seeds can sleep for a long period of time. Thus, it is better if you cut their source of food.